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Waking up to Family Relationships

The way we start our day has a very significant impact on how we function, how we feel and how we relate to others throughout the rest of our day. Healthy morning habits start at a young age, including the following:

A) Eating breakfast first thing to keep you going for the day,

B) Developing strong family bonds, and making a positive start to the day so you can go out into the world with a healthy and clear mind.

Parents really can help to determine whether their kids become morning risers or morning whiners. If parents moan and groan, are always frantic, grumpy and running late themselves, then how can they really expect anything more of their own kids?

Cooking breakfast with your children not only instills a healthy habit, it gives you the opportunity to spend quality time teaching them a skill that will keep them well-fed for decades to come. Cooking breakfast together nurtures their cooking curiosities and, most important, it can nourish a loving parent-child relationship.

Breakfast feeds a child's body and brain—helping to provide the energy and stamina a child needs to pay attention in class, get schoolwork done and participate in physical activities. Breakfast eaters are also more likely to meet their daily needs for important nutrients like calcium and iron.

One of the benefits for you as a parent of spending time teaching about the importance of breakfast in the morning is that once your children have mastered a few recipes, they may likely want to show off their cooking prowess. This means you will get the luxury of breakfast in bed or at the very least a sit-down morning meal made especially for – not by – you.