Working in harmony with nature...

We’re proud to say that sustainability has always been a major part of our family business. Since the 1780s when the original water-wheel drove the Mill, we’ve been committed to working in harmony with the environment in everything we do.

We've been active members of Bord Bia's sustainability initiative, Origin Green, since it began and we're delighted to have been awarded Gold Member Status in September 2021 in recognition of our achievements over the past number of years.

Key areas we have made improvements on in 2020, which helped us secure our Gold Membership include:

  1. Manufacturing - Electricity intensity reduced by >7% to 168.5kWh/t in 2020, with motion sensor lighting having been installed in the warehouse and office
  2. Supplier Certification - We increased our intake of Irish organic oats in 2020 to 65% (an increase of 8% on the previous year), which represents our highest ever volume of Organic Oats sourced from Irish suppliers.  Flahavan's has been pro-active in its promotion of organic tillage farming for many years, alongside Teagasc, the Organic Trust and the Irish Organic Association (IOA), in order to help increase supply
  3. Water - Water intensity was successfully reduced, recording a 7.5% improvement on the previous year
  4. Health & Nutrition - Four new products were launched during 2020, against a projection of two
  5. Community Engagement - Fifteen events were held against a target of five - events included online classes; brand partnerships and sponsorship of the Dublin City Marathon.   More than 30 recipes were created and shared across digital and social platforms throughout 2020
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As our business continued to grow, we decided to put a greater emphasis on the generation of our own renewable energy.

To this end, we installed a 500 kW wind turbine in 2015. This clean energy source provides us with 1.44M kWh of electricity (or approx. 60% of our total requirements) every year and as such, is the company's biggest power generator.

Flahavan's Oats Illustration