Natural & Premium Quality

All of our oats are certified GMO-free under EU standards, and through NON GMO Project Verified.

At Flahavan’s we go over and above the IGAS code of practice, to ensure only the best-quality oats bear our name. We specifically prohibit the use of Glyphosate spraying at any stage of the growing of oats by our farmers.

With pesticides too, our oats are grown in accordance with the code of practice in the IGAS scheme and are strictly monitored.

No artificial fertilisers or insecticides are used in the growing of the organic oats, while the fertilisers used on our conventional oats are strictly monitored. Here at the Mill, we only use 100% oats and no chemicals are used.

We regularly test our oats (both regular and organic) with independent third-party laboratories. These labs can test for residue of 400 different compounds and can detect down to a reporting level of 0.01mg/kg which is well below the thresholds set out by the European Union. The tests that we have carried out across recent harvests have found no detectable levels of these compounds.

We promise to make every effort to make sure our product remains pure, natural and premium in quality.