Caramelized Banana Pie Oatmeal

Make breakfast taste as good as dessert with this gorgeous recipe for Banana Pie Oatmeal

Serves 2|Takes 10 mins (OR 1 hour 35 mins for the meringues)


2/3 cup of Flahavan’s Rolled Oats

1& 1/2 cups of low fat milk

Pinch of Sea Salt

1 Banana

3 tbsps. of Walnuts

2 tbsp brown sugar

Handful of dark chocolate chips

1/2 cup of desiccated coconut

1/2 cup of caster sugar

2 free-range egg whites


For the Porridge

Peel and cut the banana in half lengthways, sprinkle 1 tbsp of brown sugar over both halves and pop under a hot grill for 2 mins until the sugar melts. Remove to a parchment sheet to cool.

Place a pan over a medium heat, add the walnuts and 1 tbsp brown sugar to the dry pan and stir for 3 minutes until the sugar is melted and nuts covered then pour onto the parchment with the banana.  Add the oats to the pan (same one that had the caramelized nuts, it adds a delicious caramelized flavour) and stir in milk add a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil then turn down immediately and simmer for 5 mins. Divide between two bowls and top with the banana, carmelized nuts, chocolate chips and a few meringues.

For the meringues

Preheat the oven to 230F. Line two large baking trays with parchment paper and set aside.

Using a hand whisk or a freestanding mixer makes the whole thing far more enjoyable. Put the sugar and one of the egg whites into a clean bowl and whisk for about 30 seconds on a high speed. Add another egg white and whisk for about six minutes more, whisk until the mixture is really, really stiff, white and shiny. Finally, gently fold in the coconut until well combined.

Using two teaspoons spoon 20 little blobs of coconut meringue onto the parchment paper. Bake for around 1 hour 30 minutes, or until the meringues are crisp on the outside but still a little soft on the inside. Swap the trays around on the shelves half way through the cooking time to ensure even cooking.

Bought or leftover meringue also works really well!

Recipe Categories:

Breakfast   Sweet   Kid Friendly   Vegetarian  
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